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Driver’s Edscreen-shot-2022-01-12-at-10-22-05-am

Training Test        screen-shot-2022-03-11-at-12-51-19-pmscreen-shot-2022-02-03-at-10-27-09-am




Shortcut to Read Live



Link to Toy Theater




Scratch Coding

Virtual Field Trips


screen-shot-2019-12-06-at-12-38-55-pmABCYa logo, link to abcya page


Placement Test

Dancemat Typing Level 1

Dancemat Typing Level 2

Technology Curriculum

 Typing Test- Take once and Record your WPM and Accuracy

Typing Review-Redo lessons with less than 85% accuracy


Rainbow letter K-

Donut cartoon K letter vector illustration. Biscuit bold font style. Glazed capital letter with icing. Tempting flat design typography. Cookie alphabet. Pastry, bakery isolated clipart









ABCYa logo, link to abcya page

Picture of Apple Keyboard. This is a link that will take you to the website for typing.

Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Media

Digital Citizenship

1st Grade:

Mermaid Island

Tennis Balls


Lesson Link


Tech Rules

-No Food or drinks near devices

-Follow all directions

-Hold your device with both hands

-Do NOT change computer settings or backgrounds!

-Only open Teacher Approved websites and apps

-Ask permission to print

-Return your device to the correct spot and plugin with the appropriate cord.

Technology Checkout

Elm Ed Survey


Picture of Keyboard Climber Monkey- link to keyboard climber game

Link to alphabet bingo game

Picture of Number buble game, link to number bubble gamelink to notepadletter and number tracing link

alphabet bubble game link

link to keyboard game




link to safe search kids websitelink to pbs kids websitelink to Office 365 websitelink to iXL login pageABCYa logo, link to abcya page

ABCya Animate Logo- Shortcut to ABCya Animate game

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Black and white computer keyboard  macbook-air-touch-id-tech-spec

macbook-pro-15-macbook-13-macbook-retina-12-macbook-air-13-original-imaerzktnfstfsdv 13inchmacbookprokeyboard-800x475



Internet Safety Project


Brain Pop



Welcome back! It’s your pal Buddy again!

I hope you’re having fun so far. Let’s keep going! Today we are going to talk about online advertisements. I want you to think about your favorite TV show. What is it? Now, think about all of the commercials you watch during that show!

Well, sponsored content is just like advertisements you see on TV, except online! Usually, sponsored content is used to promote a brand, product, or service. For example, a company might post a video about the cool, new toy they’ve created.

Why would they do this? They do this because they are trying to sell their cool, new toy to kids like you searching the Internet! Now how can we identify sponsored content compared to regular content? Come with me, I’ll show you the way!

When searching online, look closely. You may see writing that says sponsored or even paid post. These are just fancy words for advertisements! Wow, you are doing an awesome job! You are on your way to becoming a great online researcher!

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