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Office 365/Teams Information

Langdon Area Schools will be using Microsoft Office 365 and the Microsoft Teams application for the opportunity learning during the closure period. We have created some videos to help introduce you to the login process and Teams capabilities. Additional videos and a FAQ page will be developed as we continue to move forward. Please email any requests or questions to the individuals listed below.

OFFICE 365 Introduction Videos

TEAMS does not work very well in SAFARI-Please download the App or Chrome (or both on your computer)

-In Safari Click Safari in upper Left Hand Corner
–Click Preferences
—Click on Privacy
—-Uncheck Box- Prevent cross-site tracking

If this is not showing up on your Safari Browers I recommend downloading the Teams app or Downloading Chrome.

If you have a Langdon Area School’s Computer the administrative password was given to you on the paper sent home with you.

Teams App Download-Videos seem to be playing better in the App.

Chrome Download

Middle School & High School Students: Online Face to Face classes will start Wednesday, March 25. (CLASS SCHEDULE) Please use the next few days (Monday and Tuesday) to log in and learn more about the Teams application to make the first day go smoother. Make sure you have a team for all classes you are enrolled in. We have also created a sample assignment for you to complete before Wednesday’s classes in the Langdon Area HS/MS Student Team.

Elementary Students and Parents: Please use the next few days (Monday and Tuesday) to log in and learn more about the Teams application. For many homework packets were sent home last week and assignments are being added by teachers daily.

Technology questions and help:

MS/HS to Mr. Askvig: or Mrs. Hochhalter:

Elementary to Mrs. Askvig: