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Langdon Area Middle/High School grading

It is the belief of the Langdon Area Middle/High School that a student’s letter grade should represent the content that a student has mastered and should not include behaviors such as turning in work late or being prepared for class. Therefore, students in grades 7-9 will receive two grades for most courses they are enrolled in: an academic grade that represents the content, and a Cardinal Skills grade that represents behavior. The Cardinal Skills are:
1. Come to class on time and prepared (agenda, writing utensil, textbook, gym clothes, etc.…)
2. Complete and turn in all assignments on time
3. Demonstrate appropriate communication skills (no speaking out of turn, discussions stay on topic, etc.…)
4. Participate positively and actively in small and large group activities
Each day of class, students will receive 4 points for Cardinal Skills. If a student fails to demonstrate a skill, they will lose one point. If a student’s Cardinal Skills drops below an 80% a plan may be developed to help the student.